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DMP is a not-for-profit organisation with the mission to "promote continuing successful development, deployment and use of Digital Media that respect the rights of creators and rights holders to exploit their works, the wish of end users to fully enjoy the benefits of Digital Media and the interests of various value-chain players to provide products and services, according to the principles laid down in the Digital Media Manifesto". Read the DMP Statutes.

Current work

The DMP is currently working on the definition ofa comprehensive system view of media services that are based on a main broadcasting service supplemented by interactive and personalised services delivered via the internet in the next 24 months with a major milestone in the next 12 months. See the press release.


DMP was established in December 2003. Through the hard work of the DMP members and the grassroots DMP community meeting 4 times per year in General Assemblies and Ad hoc groups, (see the full list of Events), the DMP has

See the results of the first 5 years od DMP activities.

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To join DMP

Companies, organisations and individuals can become DMP members by 1) signing a copy of the DMP Statutes for acceptance and 2) paying the yearly fee of 1,500 CHF. See details on how to join DMP, its Organisation and the list of Members.