DMP presentation event


The Digital Media Project (DMP) has been operating for 4 years. In this time DMP has done much to achieve its goal to "promote continuing successful development, deployment and use of digital Media that respect the rights of creators and rights holders to exploit their works, the wish of end users to fully enjoy the benefits of Digital Media and the interests of various value-chain players to provide products and services".
DMP is holding a half-day event to introduce results and impacts on the last day of its 17th General Assembly, on 2008/01/25 (Friday) at
Centre for Digital Music

Department of Electronic Engineering
Queen Mary University of London
Mile End Road, London E1 4NS
United Kingdom
with the following program

09:00 09:20 DMP: why, what and how L. Chiariglione
09:20 09:45 Value chain functions and requirements M. Gauvin
09:45 10:15 Chillout: the DMP reference software T. Huang
10:15 10:45 DMP take up  
      M. Gauvin
    Digital Media in Italia and DMP F. Chiariglione
10:45 11:150 Presentations by other organisations  
    Kendra initiative D. Harris
    C4DM Semantic Music Technologies on DMP / Chillout platform P. Kudumakis
      Mark Levy (by Chris Sutton)
    Sonic Visualiser Chris Cannam
    A Sinusoid Interactive Music Editing Tool Xue Wen
    EASAIER Enabling Access to Sound Archives through Integration, Enrichment and Retrieval Ivan Damnjanovic
11:15 12:00 Round table Various speakers