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Digital Media Project issues call for submissions regarding fair use and other rights -- DMP signed into official existence on 1st December 2003 in Geneva

The Digital Media Project issues a call for submissions regarding traditional rights and usages usually associated with content usage such as fair use, first sale, privacy etc. as well as traditional rights and usages associated with copyright ownership, distribution, attribution, retail and other business models along with other more general human rights to communicate so that these can best be accommodated in a digital, trusted bitstream/file environment, or in other words, "mapped" to the digital domain.

The Digital Media Project, which as part of its genesis published a Digital Media Manifesto on 30th of September, was signed into formal existence as a non-profit organization based in Geneva on 1st of December 2003.

The DMP mission is "to promote continuing successful development, deployment and use of Digital Media that respect the rights of creators and rights holders to exploit their works, the wish of end users to fully enjoy the benefits of Digital Media and the interests of various value-chain players to provide products and services, according to the principles laid down in the Digital Media Manifesto".

The founding members elected a Board of Directors. The immediate task of the Board is to put in place the organisation, recruit new members, plan for the first DMP General Assembly and to organise a workshop on "Mapping of traditional rights and usages from the analogue to the digital space".

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