The Digital Media Project  


L. Chiariglione




Resolutions of General Assembly 00







1.      The DMP founding members would like to thank the efforts of tens of grassroot volunteers who have helped conceive and draft the Digital Media Manifesto and produce the documents that have led to the establishment of the Digital Media Project. In particular they would like to thank Leonardo Chiariglione, Philip Merrill and Craig Schultz for their unstinting dedication that was instrumental to make the Digital Media Project real.

2.      The DMP elects the following individuals as Directors:

a.       Marina Bosi

b.      Leonardo Chiariglione

c.       Thomas Curran

d.      José Neri

e.       Richard Nicol

f.        Hiroshi Yasuda

3.      The DMP notes

a.       the appointment of

                                                   i.      Leonardo Chiariglione as President

                                                 ii.      Marina Bosi as Treasurer

b.      the meeting fees of 4,000 CHF set for the year 2004.

4.      The DMP acknowledges the proposal of press release (0006) and will finalise it for publication in the next 60 hours

5.      The DMP decides to hold a workshop on “Mapping of rights and usages traditionally enjoyed by users to the Digital Media space” at the early possible date, keeping into account the time needed for preparation and the response time of prospective speakers. An organising committee is appointed composed of

a.       Leonardo Chiariglione

b.      Touradj Ebrahimi

c.       Philip Merrill

d.      Richard Owens

e.       Craig Schultz

6.      The DMP expects that the Board of Directors will come to an early determination of

a.       an appropriate time for the 1st General Assembly

b.      an effective secretariat

c.       criteria for individual membership.