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Abstract digital media value-chain functions


0076/Los Angeles


This document lists value-chain functions that are needed to perform value-chain roles and satisfy the following conditions


a. they are abstract in the sense that they are re-usable across the value-chain

b. they are primitive in the sense that they can no-longer be decomposed.


The list has been derived from the list of “Today’s value chain players” (DMP0074).

Entries in brackets represent items for further studies.

This is work in progress and is being discussed by an ad hoc group established by GA02…. with a view of finalising it at the Osaka meeting (GA03).



Content   Data and executables that are processable (e.g. renderable) into forms that are meaningful to users
User   a person or organisation
Value-chain player   a user who accesses the value chain using a device
Rights expression   the statement of which functions can be performed on a piece of content or content-related services
Value expression   the equating of two groupings of goods and/or services


Primitive value-chain functions

Creation of content (includes variation, adaptation, combination)

Sharing of revenues (e.g. from royalties)

Requesting assignment of identifiers

(“Requesting assignment of” combined with “assignment of and, possibly, authentication, verification and certification” constitues the act of registration)

Requesting assignment of descriptors

Assignment of an identifier to an underlying work

Assignment of descriptors of an underlying work

Assignment of an identifier to a piece of content

Assignment of descriptors of a piece of content

Assignment of an identifier to a value-chain player

Assignment of descriptors of a value-chain player

Establishing a relationship between an identified piece of content and an identified value-chain player

Agreeing the terms of licensing

Expressing the terms of licensing

Publish a piece of content (making available a piece of content to a third party, at given conditions…)

Querying descriptors about content and value-chain players

Providing answers to queries on descriptors about content and value-chain players

Establishing relationship(s) between value-chain players (one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one)

Establishing a contract between one value-chain player and another

Establishing syntax and semantics of identifiers, descriptors and contracts

Persistent association of identifiers/descriptors to content

Generating usage information

Monitoring use of content (actions and actors)

Reporting use of content

Receiving content usage data

Archiving of content usage data

Querying the content usage data base

Calculate revenue attribution based on content usage data (and others?)

Revenue attribution to value-chain players

Organising content usage data

Resolving metadata (applies to higher and lower levels of harmonisation/mapping/transformation)

(marketer: branding and service provisioning, promoting)

Giving a new structure to a descriptor data base

Giving remuneration (monetary, bartering, crediting, debiting account etc.) to a value-chain player for performing a function

Authentication of value-chain players (including devices)

Verification of value-chain players (including devices)

Certification of value-chain players (including devices)

Validation of certificates

Revocation of certificates

Setting rules for value-chain players (including devices)

Defining means to verify conformity of value-chain players

Establishing a physical layer conduit between value-chain players

Establishing a logical conduit between value-chain players

Transfering data between value-chain players

Establishing a secure means of transfering data between value-chain players

Inventing technical tools and methods

Registering the invention

Licensing use of inventions

Acquiring license for an invention

Manufacturing hardware components

Manufacturing software components

Assembling components to make devices

Testing a device for conformance

Transfering devices between value-chain players

Storing a given piece of content

Expressing usage rules associated to a given piece of content

Use tools to enable enforcement of usage rules associated to a given piece of content

Resolving rights expression associated to a given piece of content

(Searching for content a combination of querying linking)

Presenting choices

Selecting a choice

Changing the functionality of a device

Resolving value expressions associated to a given function (e.g. Payment clearance)

Asserting data integrity

Verifying data integrity

Asserting data source

Verifying data source

Rendering a piece of content

Managing user input and output from and to the device (Graphical user interface)

Agreeing on technical featurers of value chain and devices

Auditing a set of devices attached to the value chaiin

Auditing a set of value-chain player

Establishing trust between value-chain players

(protecting value-chain players)

Certifying conformance rules

(Structuring metadata)

Brokering transactions and agreements

Managing (e.g. storing and changing) value expressions

Exacting value from transactions