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Barcelona press release



Barcelona press release

Barcelona, 29 October 2004 – The international Digital Media Project (DMP) has begun writing its Phase I specification for Interoperable DRM Platform (IDP-1) based on the large number of technology submissions received in response to the Call for Proposals issued at its previous meeting in July. An ad hoc group has been set up with the task of advancing the specification. The ad hoc group will meet in Las Vegas, NV on 10-12 January 2005 and will report to the next DMP General Assembly meeting in Adastral Park, Suffolk on 26-28 January 2005. IDP-1 will then be published in April 2005, as planned.

To promote a broader use of its specification DMP has decided that IDP-1 and its future extensions will be a “tool-kit” specification, i.e. it will specify DRM technologies (“tools”) that can be used across multiple application spaces. To promote interoperability DMP will also specify “Use Cases”. Currently the “Portable Audio and Video Device” and “Import/Export Architecture” Use Cases are being considered.

DMP has continued developing general Interoperable DRM Platform requirements and has received a large number of comments from members of society, organisations and companies. A subset of those requirements will be used for a new Call for Proposals that DMP plans to issue at its next January 2005 meeting. Based on the responses received DMP will develop an extension to the IDP-1 specification (IDP-2) that will be published in October 2005.

DMP recognises the impact that DRM deployment will have on the way users enjoy media. In response, DMP is working on a set of recommendations on how to accommodate Traditional Rights and Usages in the digital space.

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