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Jeju Press Release





Jeju Press Release


Jeju Ė 07 October 2005. The international Digital Media Project (DMP), after publishing the Phase I set of specifications for Portable Audio and Video Devices in April 2005, has further progressed the working drafts of the Phase II set of specifications for Stationary Audio and Video Devices for publication in February 2006. Once approved by DMP the new set of documents will enable the implementation of value chains of governed content for a variety of network and broadcast-based applications.


The working drafts, at an advanced stage of development, are posted on the DMPís web page. They contain a comprehensive technology specification for interoperable digital rights management (DRM) as well as applications within and across media value chains. The documents address Value Chain Functions and Requirements, DRM Architecture, Interoperable DRM Platform, Use Cases and Value-Chains, Certification and Registration Authorities, Terminology and Reference Software.


DMP is developing the reference software with a license, ideally based on Open Source principles, and which will at least permit private individuals, public institutions and commercial entities to improve and exploit the software.


DMP is developing requirements for a Phase III set of specifications and plans to issue a Call for Proposals at its February 2006 meeting.


The Digital Media Project (DMP) is a non-profit Association registered in Geneva, Switzerland. In accordance to its founding principles, DMP promotes the development, deployment, and use of digital media that safeguard the rights of creators to exploit their works, the wish of consumers to fully maximise the benefits of digital media, and the commercial interests of value-chain players to provide products and services.

Todayís DMPís distinguished members span the globe and represent a cross section of academia, technology, and media. The DMP does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, sex, religion or national origin. Any individual, partnership, corporation, governmental body or international organisation can join the DMP. DMP Member agree, both individually and collectively, to adhere to open competition in the development of digital audio-visual technologies, products or services.

DMPís Board of Directors consists of Marina Bosi (MPEG LA, LLC - USA), Leonardo Chiariglione (CEDEO - Italy), Thomas Curran (Enterprise of the Future - USA), Ikuo Minakata (Matsushita Electric Industrial - Japan), Josť Neri (Sociedad Digital de Autores y Editores - Spain), Richard Nicol (British Telecom - UK), and Hiroshi Yasuda (University of Tokyo - Japan).

For further questions, please contact:

Thomas Curran
Digital Media Project
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The Phase I specifications

The Phase II working drafts