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Information on meeting of Ad hoc Group on editing the IDP-3 AD #5, #7, #8 Working Drafts

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The meeting of Ad hoc Group on editing the IDP-3 ADs #5, #7, #8 Working Drafts (No.30) will be held on 2006/06/05-07 at

Institute for Computing Technology, The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)

Phone: +86 10 5885 8303

CN-100085 Beijing

Mobile: +86 13910735304


Fax: +86 10 5885 8301



If you intend to attend the DMP events please note the following


The principal objectives of the meeting are

  1. Develop text as indicated in dmp0722
  2. Propose a draft of the said ADs

Proposed Agenda


Agenda item



Opening, welcome, logistics



Roll call



Approval of agenda



Documents Editing









Institute for Computing Technology,

The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)

Phone: +86 10 5885 8303

Mobile: +86 13910735304

Joint Lab for Advanced Computing and Communication (JDL)

Fax: +86 10 5885 8301

7th Floor
Power Creative Building A
No.1, Shangdi East Road
Haidian District, China


Beijing, 100085, China



A map is available at the following URL to locate the exact venue of the JDL:

Joint Research and Development Laboratory     JDL map

JDL, suggested Hotel and Airport in Beijing                               More local detail for JDL

Its very convenient to take taxi in Beijing although English is not popular for the drivers. Please print the upper map out and show the following picture to the driver.

Travel information

The following airport may be used

Capital International Airport of Beijing 45 minutes by taxi to JDL or suggested hotel (the map above shows the location of the airport)

The fee from airport to JDL or hotel is about 100 RMB (10 Euros or 12 dollars). It is necessary to prepare some RMB cash.

The meeting venue (i.e. JDL) and suggested hotels are all near Metro stations (about 5-10 minutes walk). JDL is near to XiErQi station. Suggest hotels are near to ZhiChunLu station. Please notice that the two station are overground stations. (The Yellow line in the following metro map is overground.) The price for the ticket is 3 RMBs.

Hotel reservation

The two hotels near ZhiChunLu Station are suggested.

(1) Jade Palace (5-stars)

(2) Tianhong Plaza Hotel (4-stars)

Ms. Xuelei Liu can help you reserve rooms. (Price under discussion for DMP members in that days should be acceptable for all)

Ms. Xuelei Liu

Phone: +86 10 62755965
Mobile: +86 13811391606

CN-100085 Beijing

Fax: +86 10 5885 8301




Please find more information about Beijing on

Visa information

Visas are needed for the citizens EXCEPT of the list in

Please provide your profile information to Ms. Xuelei Liu. She will send you an invitation letter for entry visa to China.