The Digital Media Project

Results of 12th DMP General Assembly (GA12)

  1. DMP has adopted the name Chillout for its reference software
  2. Chillout is released under the Mozilla Public Licence 1.1
  3. A team has been set up to strengthen the development and promotion of Chillout


In charge 1

In charge 2


Chillout project

 Filippo Chiariglione

Yuqiang Liao



 Xiaofan Chen



CVS document repository 

 Yuqiang Liao



Chillout webmasters

 Lan Juan

Martin Springer



 Filippo Chiariglione

Martin Springer



 Martin Springer

Zheng Huang

  1. A Chillout development plan has been agreed
  2. DMP has published a new set of Working Drafts of the Phase III Approved Documents (IDP-3). The Status of AD entries and plan reports the status of each entry
  3. DMP has approved the Draft Call for Participation in the selection of the DMP Content Registration Authority

  4. DMP  sees the following as important elements for its future activities

    1. Completion and maintenance of technical specifications (of diminishing importance)
    2. Establishment of the DMP governance infrastructure
    3. Full maturity of the DMP Reference Software (Chillout)
    4. Publication and maintenance of IDP Conformance
    5. Development of and experimentation with TRU mapping
    6. Formal standardisation of (parts of) the DMP  specifications
    7. Promotion of Value Chain experimenting using DMP Devices accessible via the web
    8. Promotion of establishment of patent pool for IDP specifications
    9. Promotion of DMP specifications to other standard bodies/industry fora

  1. Next General Assemblies