The Digital Media Project

Results of 16th DMP General Assembly (GA16)

1.      DMP has reviewed the responses to the CfP on technologies received. dmp1064 contains the draft specification

2.      A thorough review of the Chillout state has been carried out. dmp1063 gives the full list of actions needed to deploy the “Build and Run Your Value Chain” (BRYVAC) service (dmp1046) on the 1st of December.

3.      DMP has celebrated the successful conclusion of the Media Streaming Application Format (MS MAF) standard by MPEG the week before thanking its members who made it possible to produce the standard at the record time of 15 months since its was first submitted in July 2007

4.      DMP supports the MPEG plans of developing a “Digital Item presentation layer” standard based on the MPEG Laser technology (MPEG-4 part 20) to support Web, IP and mobile TV (WIM TV)

5.      DMP sees the “Digital Item presentation layer” standard as a natural extension to MS MAF and decided to engage in a project called “WIM TV trial at Beijing Olympics”. A first analysis of the project can be found in dmp1068

6.      DMP sees further opportunities to convert some of its results into formal standards. Two areas are

o        Web, IP and mobile TV (WIM TV) for which the practical experience drawn from “WIM TV trial at Beijing Olympics” can be brought to MPEG

o        MPEG eXtensible Middleware (MXM) for which the practical experience drawn from Chillout can be brought to MPEG. The email reflector will be used to develop requirements for both WIM TV and MXM to be submitted to the next MPEG meeting

7.      Next General Assembly