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Information on 20th DMP General Assembly (GA20)

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The 20th General Assembly (GA20) of the Digital Media Project will be held on 2008/10/08-10 at

Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) Tel +82 42 860 1851
161 Kajong-Dong, Yusong-Gu, 103 Fax +82 42 860 5479
Taejon 305-350 WWW

If you intend to attend the DMP events please note the following

Objectives The principal objectives of the meeting are

Proposed Agenda







Opening, welcome, logistics




Roll call




Approval of agenda




Input documents




President’s communications



  Ad hoc Group on Requirements, Architecture, Use Cases, Terminology and TRU mapping  


  Ad hoc Group on IDP technologies  


  Ad hoc Group on Reference Software, Conformance and Demonstrations  


  Ad hoc Group on DMP technologies to MPEG  


  Development of Chillout  
  1 State of Chillout  


2 WIM TV trial at Beijing Olympics, report and future steps  
  3 Alignment of Chillout to MXM developments  


  Approval of IDP-3.2  
  1 IDP-3.1 corrigenda  
  2 Domain protocol extension  
  3 Domain discovery protocol  
  4 Role verification protocol  


5 Device web services  
  6 Interface with payment systems  


  Additional IDP technologies  


  MPEG related matters  
  1 Submission of Chillout to MPEG  
  2 Response to Call for Proposals on Additional MXM technologies  
  3 MPEG eXtensible Middleware  
  4 Media Value Chain Ontologies  


  Appointment of Content Registration Authority  


  Device Registration Authority  


  1 Response to EU Green Paper consultation  






Digital Media in Italia




DMP work plan




Planning for GA20




Report from Board of Directors




Future of DMP




Meeting schedule




Press release















Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) Tel +82 42 860 1851
161 Kajong-Dong, Yusong-Gu, 103 Fax +82 42 860 5479
Taejon 305-350 WWW

Two meeting rooms located in the building #6, Room #510 and #326 will be provided during the DMP meeting. Please see the following map to find the location of the building #6. Arriving the building #6, please follow the direction on the first floor.

To enter ETRI, you need to get a pass at the building #9, right next to the main gate of ETRI. To get the pass, please follow the next steps

  1. Look for the information desk. It’s right inside of the entrance of the building #9.

  2. Please show the desk clerk the following message. Then she will give you the visitation form.
    국제표준화회의인 DMP 제 20차 회의 참석을 위해 방문하였습니다. 출입증을 요청드립니다. 방문자: 방통미디어연구부 이주영
    (TEL:1851, Mobile: 011-9909-6783)

  3. Fill in the visitation form and hand it to the desk clerk with your passport. (You need to deposit your passport.) Then she will give you a pass and a sheet to check your entrance and exit.

  4. Come to Building #6 with the sheet and the pass you’ve received at building #9.

  5. When you arrive the building #6, someone will be there to guide you. If there’s not, just in case you arrive late because of another business, please call to 1851 (Jooyoung Lee), 1856 (Hyon-Gon Choo) or 4906 (Jeho Nam) using the phone on the entrance desk, or show the above Korean message to the desk clerk and ask him to call to Jooyoung Lee using cellular phone. If the above steps are confusing, please just call to Jooyoung Lee (1851, or 9-011-9909-6783) at the main gate of ETRI.

Internet access will be available for the entire duration of the meeting.

Travel information

From the Incheon International Airport there is a bus direct to Daejeon.

  1. Once you have done all the procedures (such as Visa, passport, etc) for permission to Korea, get out through EXIT.
  2. Go to the first floor (maybe you are already at the first floor), and find any exits, and go to “9D” stop.
  3. Buy a ticket. : “Daejeon han jang ju se yo” (one ticket for Daejeon, please)
  4. “ Daejeon doo jang ju se yo” (Two tickets for Daejeon, please)
  5. The fare is 14,500 won for regular seat bus, and 21,800 won for more comfortable seat bus. Regular seat bus has 2 seats located to each side along the aisle, and comfortable seat bus 1 seat and 2 seats instead. Therefore, comfortable seat bus has wider aisle, and bigger chairs.
  6. Take a bus bound for “Daejeon, or
  7. It runs every 20 – 30 minutes from 6:00 am until 11:10 pm.
  8. They might be late due to any traffic conditions.
  9. It takes around 150 – 180 minutes to reach Daejeon. You will be notified once you get to your destination, which is the first stop after you are on board. (The bus may stop at “SERVICE AREA”, which is not a stop. Passengers can go to a restroom, or buy some snacks. Please remember your bus so that you don’t get confused. Most of the buses have similar colors, so we strongly recommend that you remember the plate number. It stays there for around 10-15 minutes. Sometimes it just passes the service area. Be careful. Count time. It cannot arrive at Daejeon within 2 hours. If the bus stops within 2 hours or so, that’s just a service area. You are still in a highway.
  10. You have to get off at the second stop called “Daejeon Jeongbu Cheongsa”.

<If you want to go to ETRI> Take a taxi, and show the following page to the driver to guide you to the right place.

한국전자통신연구원(ETRI)으로 가주십시오. (유성구 가정동 161번지)

<If you want to go to your Hotel> Take a taxi, and show the following Korean message to the driver to guide you to the right place.

If you’ll stay at Hotel Adria 호텔 아드라아로 가주십시오. (유성구 봉명동 442-5번지)

If you’ll stay at Hotel Spapia, 호텔 스파피아로 가주십시오 (유성구 봉명동 545-5번지)

If you’ll stay at Hotel Rivera, 리베라 호텔로 가주십시오 (유성구 봉명동 444-5번지)

If you’ll stay at Yusung-Hotel 리베라 호텔로 가주십시오 (유성구 봉명동 444-5번지)

Hotel reservation

Followings are the hotels in Yuseong area. The distance from the venue is almost same with each other, approximately 4~5 Km. By taxi, it takes 15 ~ 20 minutes from the hotels to the ETRI, and it costs about 5,000 Won (5 US dollars)

Hotel Adria
Hotel Spapia
Yusung Hotel
Hotel Rivera 

If you still have qualm, please contact with Jooyoung Lee( to get more help.

Please find more information about Daejeon on

Visa information

Please contact the Korean Consulate General located nearest you if you need a visa.

If you need an invitation letter, please contact Jooyoung Lee (, +82-42-860-1851).