The Digital Media Project

Results of 23rd DMP General Assembly (GA23)

  1. DMP has approved version 3.3. of the IDP (AD #2, AD #3 and AD #7)
  2. DMP notes that there are 3 WIMTV instances:, and
  3. DMP has reviewed 3 major contributions to MPEG on: generic payment/cashing interface, Advanced IPTV Terminal (AIT) use cases, New MXM Protocols
  4. DMP has initiated the process of developing the Open Media Marketplace specification. It remains to be decided whether this will be part of the existing line of ADs or a new line
  5. DMP has contributed IDP-3.2 to the meeting of ISO/IEC JTC1 SGDCMP
  6. DMP has selected material for its logo
  7. DMP has groups on LinkedIn and Facebook
  8. DMP has approved its work plan
  9. Maui press release
  10. The Next General Assembly will be held at
    1. Xian, (CN) 2009/10/23-24