The Digital Media Project

Results of 25th DMP General Assembly (GA25)

  1. Approval of IDP-3.3, version 3.3 of its Interoperable DRM Platform (dmp1300)
  2. Launch of the new P21-2 project "A digital media platform for the 2nd decade of the 21st century"
  3. Plan for a workshop in Dresden on 2010/04/24 to explore the issues related to P21-2 execution. Participation in the P21-2 workshop is open but please send an email to register ( Subscribe to the email reflector join the discussions
  4. Partitioning of the space of technologies requested by the MPEG Advanced IPTV Terminal (AIT) Call for Proposals
  5. Offer of its services (e.g. the email reflector) to coordinate responses to the MPEG AIT CfP. You can subscribe to the reflector
  6. The 2010 membership fees are set to 1,500 CHF
  7. The Kyoto press release
  8. The next General Assembly (GA26) will be held at Dresden (DE) 2010/04/24-25 organised as follows
    1. 24 April: open workshop to explore the issues related to the implementation of P21-2
    2. 25 April: start the P21-2 project