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Valencia press release

Valencia press release

Valencia, ES, 3 March 2014 – The international Digital Media Project (DMP) announces new programme of work.

The DMP programme of work is centred on the notion of Hybrid Media Services. The goal is to define a comprehensive system view of media services that are based on a main broadcasting service supplemented by interactive and personalised services delivered via the internet. The work plan time line is 24 months with a major milestone after 12 months.

The intention is to specify 1) a system view that can be applied to multiple instantiation of hybrid media services, 2) interfaces and formats that support various instantiations of the system view, and 3) specific technologies that have not already been standardised.

The next DMP General Assembly (GA38) will be held on 10 July 2014 in Sapporo, JP. The main goals for the meeting will be review the contributions submitted.

The Digital Media Project was chartered as a non-profit organisation on 1 December 2003 in Geneva, Switzerland, continuing the visionary work of the Digital Media Manifesto. Its mission is to promote the successful development, deployment, and use of digital media, while safeguarding the rights of creators and rights holders to exploit their works, the wishes of end users to enjoy fully the benefits of digital media, and the interests of value-chain players providing products and services.

The DMP Directors are: Marina Bosi (Stanford University, USA), Leonardo Chiariglione (, USA), Touradj Ebrahimi (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland), Tiejun Huang (Beijing Boyahualu Video Technology Research Ltd., China) and Kyuheon Kim (Kyunghee University, Republic of Korea).


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