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The IDP schemas

This page lists the schemas defined or referenced by the Digital Media Project (DMP) IDP-3.3 specification.

This page summarises the namespace URIs of the schemas developed by the DMP during the various phases of the IDP specifications. In the tables below, the column on the left indicates in which phase of IDP the schema has been developed. The column on the right links to the schema.

Table 1 - URIs of DMP-defined schemas.

Namespace URI Schema
urn:dmp:idp:mxmaitp:extensions:2009 dmp-mxmaitpx
urn:dmp:idp:mxmdp:extensions:2009 dmp-mxmdpx
urn:dmp:idp:mxmd:extensions:2009 dmp-mxmdx
urn:dmp:idp:Represent:DeviceIdentifierProtocol:2007 dmprdip
urn:dmp:idp:represent:PaymentProtocol:2008 dmprpp
urn:dmp:idp:represent:RightsDataProtocol:2008 dmprrdp

The table below lists the namespace URIs of DMP-defined profile of external schemas:

Table 2URIs of DMP-defined profiles of external schemas

Namespace URI Schema
urn:tva:metadata:2002 tva
urn:mpeg:maf:Profile:mediastreaming:tva:2007 tva-msaf

Additional schemas referenced by the DMP Interoperable DRM Platform speciication are available on the MXM Web site.